Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beautifully Wrapped

Nothing written for November, well maybe I can add a bit now.  Mostly, November got swallowed up along with the turkey.  And now...here I am in December..such a hard month for so many.  For those who have lost loved ones this past year, it will be especially hard.  For those who have lost jobs...well, I can remember facing Christmas time with little to make it Merry, but those were other times...not today. 

Today, I have learned, I have many Christmas presents beautifully wrapped in shiny, sparkly paper with gold, fluffy bows.  These gifts do not sit under a tree waiting to be unwrapped.  They are found in FAMILY, loving daughters, a son-in-law second to none, and a husband who means more and more to me each and every day.  Nieces, nephews, and cousins by the dozen all have their precious places.

Rob and I celebrated 45 years of marriage on November 26 at the Northwestern vs. MSU game.  It rained the entire game.  It was cold and soppy.  Ugly.  MSU won and that did help...but I couldn't help but wonder what possessed me to sit outside in that slop with Rob and daughter, Cheri, all of us yelling, GO GREEN.  Our bodies totally encased in Green ponchos, it was our feet and hands that suffered the most.  Gloves dripped, fingers froze, and shoes squeaked and squished with saturated droplets of stuff that just didn't let up for all of the four hours of game time.  How did the teams, both MSU and NW, ever make it?  They're young and tough.  Was I ever that young or tough?  Surely not.

And then there are FRIENDS.  Aren't they beautifully wrapped?  They come in so many different sizes and shapes.  And how versatile they are...coming to the front when needed with a word of encouragement and praise, wrapping their arms around you when you need  extra support, and the laughter...oh yes, the laughter.  Only friends seem to understand and get a hoot out of the same little oddities of life and living that you do.  Yes, beautifully wrapped each and every one.


  1. Well said Connee. Are you in Florida now? These friends would like to see you some time.

  2. That's my cuz!!!! Great subject.....great writing!

    Took me a while to figure out how to respond.....I'm not the brightest bulb on the social networking tree.

    Love your writing, so I'll be checking your site for more.

    Happy Holidays (bet you and Rob are warm and sun-baked in FL).